Leaving in August for a roadtrip form Chicago to WDW. You can put the surprise sign right on top or hide it underneath the clothes.

One surprise announcement started via snail mail. We expect SUN to maintain its distribution and expect distribution coverage to improve over time.

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An assortment of plush Disney toys, DVDs, books, etc. That he loves disney surprise letter to world?

Disney World printable letters and tickets!

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We set all clocks ahead an hour, took them to school and acted surprised no one was there.

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Some parents let the teacher in on the secret and send kids to school, but then surprise them by pulling kids out early to go to Disney.

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We are surprising our kids Christmas morning with a trip for March.

It seemed appropriate we write an article with our recommendations.

It was so much fun!

You can buy Disney dreidel or Hanukkah menorah to drop the clues as well.

Spa, or on a Disney Cruise, the surprise trip is always a great idea.

When we took our girls to WDW earlier this year we did it a little differently lol.

Lake City, FL so we told the girls that we were going there for vacation.

Less overwhelming with the christmas, which will keep and suggesting more wonderful christmas gifts leading up at the letter to

Company and we look forward to updating you on an ongoing basis on our progress.

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As was clear that day at the bus stop, little kids love taking photos.

Why are they there?

We surprise letter to disney world trip instead we arrive at a letter from school and laughter.

Have a fun Disney toy waiting for them, like a Mickey Mouse Plush or classic Mickey Ears.

It makes for a perfect Christmas surprise.

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Should i tell them now or wait until it is time to go? Disney food items, pin lanyard, autograph book, and so on.

Disney by the last night!

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Surprise Letter To Disney World: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

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Good luck with your surprise!